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March 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

How to get the most from attending a wedding fair

As wedding fair season begins, I thought I would share my top ten tips for visiting a wedding fair and getting the most out of it.

My top tips for visiting Wedding Fairs:

  • Look around for fairs that suit your style, in venues and locations that you are interested in.
  • Take your time, don’t rush. Remember that the suppliers have paid to attend and are keen to talk to you and find out what you want.
  • It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Sometimes taking a break is a good idea, go for a walk and come back after you have thought of what information you need.
  • Take business cards of suppliers you like the look of so that you can contact them. Find their Facebook Pages and link up with them on Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Ask if the supplier is offering a discount for bookings made that day. This can often give you a chance to save some money as the supplier will be keen to get the business.
  • Take people along who want to be there. If your partner isn’t up for it, don’t drag them along; it will just annoy you, and them! Equally, if your partner does want to get involved don’t whatever you do leave them out of it.
  • Take cash - you never know what you might find and this means you can book suppliers and pay deposits on the day.
  • Don’t feel pressured, but don’t miss out! Make sure you are getting what you want and need. Price is an important factor but it should not be the only thing that you are considering when you are booking someone.
  • Remember… You only get married once, hopefully! so enjoy this and try not to get stressed.

I will be exhibiting a few wedding fairs over the next few months such as at the Crowne Plaza, Belfast; La Mon Hotel and Loughshore Hotel in Carrick.


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