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Wedding albums - Why have one?

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What could be better than flicking through your wedding photos in a beautiful album that will last for years to come?

Have you ever looked at your parents’ wedding photos? Remember the emotions you felt seeing them? Memories that can be shared and passed on through generations. Thinking back through the years, how wonderful is it to sit and look at the memories of that special kiss, the hair styles and outfits that are massively of the era and of relatives when they were small children in cute outfits? When you’re planning your wedding, you’re sure you’ll never forget any detail and whilst you will always remember the heightened emotions of the day, the photographs are the only tangible evidence to treasure of one of the happiest and most fun days of your life. 
In the months following your wedding, your loved ones will want to see photographs from the big day. An online slideshow is all well and good, but having a gorgeous leather or hardcover bound book to flip through is much more of an occasion. It reflects the full story of your special day, carefully designed with your favourite pictures and memories.
I choose to use two amazing companies, Tony Sarlo and Loxley Colour and I really love these albums! It has taken me a few years to finally find albums I would proudly own myself and I have found them in these products. Each company offers beautiful, contemporary albums that are expertly manufactured and of the highest quality.
I love it when the bride and groom receive their photos and later contact me to say it is going to be incredibly difficult to narrow them down and select their favourites for the album. Selecting the photos for your album can seem like the most daunting task in the world. What do you pick for the album? Where do you start with your wedding photography? Which ones to put in and which ones to leave out? Your wedding album should reflect the day and tell the story of your day from start to finish. You want have a mix of the natural, candid images, the portraits, the details and the group shots. It’s also important to make sure the album looks right and flows well; part of this is the balance of image types. Too many or too few of each type of image and the album just won’t work.
This is where the album design becomes a team effort. I like to work with you to make sure the album that is designed and created is just perfect. The photos should cover all aspects of the day, from the getting ready bits, the ceremony, the reception, speeches and guest photos and finally a few from the first dance and evening celebration.
It’s so important when choosing images that you select the ones you really love. Don’t feel obliged to add in particular people or lots of groups if you don’t want them. This is your album and it has to be something you want to look at for the rest of your life. So, take time out from your day, just the two of you, get a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and sit down and look through the photos.
What happens next? Once you have given me your chosen images I get to work designing the layouts that will tell your wedding day story. I then email you the layout of the album and you can let me know if you would like any changes, After all, it’s your album and I want you to be completely happy before printing and binding.
Getting a proper wedding album isn’t for everyone. If you like the idea of having something printed but fancy doing your own book there are some great options. There are lots of websites that offer templates that you can use to drag images and create your own book. Just make sure the images you use are print resolution. It’s important to check this as it has massive implications on the final quality of the printed book. I provide you with all of your images full resolution so you will not need to worry about this.
I hope this has given you a bit more of an idea about wedding albums and whether you might want one. There is no rush or time limit on getting an album. Whether it’s six months or two years after the wedding I’m happy to help you create the most wonderful everlasting investment.



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